News: Paper in Science Advances

Our work on the histone chaperone APLF has been published in Science Advances! Read the paper here and the news release here and more here.

About us

Our research team focusses on the molecular basis of chromatin function using an integrative approach of modern NMR, biochemistry and computation. In particular, we are interested in the interactions of chromatin’s fundamental building block, the nucleosome, and other chromatin factors and how these affect chromatin structure and function. To this end, we make use of state-of-the art NMR methods and also develop novel approaches to study these large assemblies at atomic resolution. In addition, the group collaborates with and supports users of the Utrecht NMR Facility, for example via iNEXT-Discovery and INSTRUCT. We also contribute to developing best practices for offering remote access in NMR via the R-NMR project.

chromatin and nucleosome interactions


Nicolaas Bloembergen Building

We are part of the Utrecht NMR Group at the Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research at Utrecht University.

Contact details:

Dr. Hugo van Ingen

Utrecht NMR Group
Utrecht University
Bloembergen building k. 1.04
Padualaan 8
3854 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands

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